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Pain Management
for Pets

Helping Cats and Dogs in Pain

Pain management for cats and dogs has undergone a huge change in recent years. It is now well established that cats and dogs have similar, if not identical, neural pathways to those of humans, which means it is highly likely that these pets experience pain in similar ways that their owners would.

Chronic Pain Management

Unfortunately, unlike humans, pets can't tell us when and where they hurt. Managing chronic pain (pain lasting longer than two weeks) effectively for pets requires knowing what signs to look for (both behavioral and physiological), and asking the right questions of the pet owner.

At Mount Tabor Animal Hospital, we take the time and care needed to ask those questions, and properly assess the right pain management strategy for your pet. We take a multitiered approach to pain control for pets, and our pain modalities can include pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals (natural pain treatment options), K-Laser applications, and/or physical rehabilitation.

How to Know if Your Pet is in Pain

The most common sign of pain in cats and dogs is change in behavior. Here are some signs to look out for, which may be indicators that your pet is experiencing pain:

Increasingly vocal (whining, whimpering, meowing, hissing, etc.)
Change in daily habits (decreased appetite, lapses in house-training, etc.)
Constantly licking or chewing at a particular part of the body
Change in activity level (restless, difficulty getting up, reluctant to move, etc.)
Negative facial expressions (flattened ears, grimaces, pants excessively, etc.)
Acting odd or out of character (more aggressive, more docile, etc.)
Self-protective (limps, hides, doesn't want to be held or pet, etc.)
Unusual posture (hunched, or arched back, changes positions frequently, etc.)

Don't allow untreated pain to decrease the quality of life for your dog or cat! If you are concerned about one or more of these behavioral changes in your pet, call Mount Tabor Animal Hospital to schedule an assessment.

K-Laser Provider in Winston Salem, NC

K-Laser Provider in Winston Salem NCWe are proud to be a K-Laser provider serving Winston Salem, NC and surrounding communities.

K-Laser is a painless, non-invasive, and side-effect free pain management tool for cats and dogs. K-Laser is effective in managing pain for hip dysplasia, otitis, infected wounds, post-dental surgery, stomatitis, and more.

Learn more about K-Laser technology...

Acute Pain Management

Untreated acute pain can prolong recovery from surgery, injury, or illness for your dog or cat, and can lead to unnecessary chronic pain down the road. That's why we make sure every pet treated at Mount Tabor Animal Hospital experiences as little pain as possible.

All dogs and cats receive pre-surgical pain injections will be given to stop the pain before it starts. CRI (constant rate infusion) drips are administered during the most painful surgeries to make sure that your pet does not experience pain. After surgery, medications may be sent home so that pain relief can continue throughout your pet's recovery.

Whenever you have a question or concern about your pet's health, please call us. Healthy, happy pets are our business!

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Discover a new way to treat their pain: painless, non-invasive, side-effect free: K-Laser
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