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Veterinary Assistant / Registered Technician Services

Veterinary Assistant / Registered Technician Services

Mount Tabor Animal Hospital employs a caring and experienced veterinary assistant staff. Our veterinary assistants are dedicated to nurturing the health and well being of every pet they treat. Working under the supervision and direction of our veterinarians, the veterinary assistants at MTAH provide a wide range of services including surgical assistance, imaging, laboratory testing, and nursing procedures.

When scheduling an appointment for your pet at Mount Tabor Animal Hospital, some services may be provided directly by one of our veterinary assistants, such as:

Vaccine Administration at Mount Tabor Animal Hospital, Winston-Salem, NC Vaccine Administration
As part of the care for your cat or dog, we will work with you to put together a disease prevention schedule for your pet, which will include a series of vaccinations and vaccine boosters that are typically administered by a veterinary assistant.
Heartworm Checks at Mount Tabor Animal Hospital, Winston-Salem, NC Heartworm Checks
If left untreated, heartworms can prove fatal for a dog, therefore we strongly recommend that your dog have an annual heartworm check, combined with regular preventive treatments. Learn more...
Anal Gland Expressions at Mount Tabor Animal Hospital, Winston-Salem, NC Anal Gland Expression
If your pet's anal glands don't empty properly, they can become impacted, making bowel movements difficult or painful, and potentially leading to infections or abscesses. That is when anal gland expression becomes necessary by one of the experienced and caring veterinary assistants at Mt. Tabor Animal Hospital.
Suture Removals at Mount Tabor Animal Hospital, Winston-Salem, NC Suture Removal
After your pet's surgery, our staff will schedule an appointment for suture removal (if needed), which may be performed by one of our veterinary assistants.
Nail Trims at Mount Tabor Animal Hospital, Winston-Salem, NC Nail Trim
A dog's nails should be clipped about every six weeks using special dog clippers, and our veterinary assistants are experienced with this delicate task.
Nail Dremel
In addition to traditional nail trims, Mount Tabor Animal Hospital also offer the option of using a dremel to file down your dog's nails. This is a great alternative for dogs who may be skittish or uncooperative with the traditional method of dog nail clippers.

You can depend on Mount Tabor Animal Hospital to make your pet's well-being our top priority. Call us for more information about our veterinary assistant services, and to schedule an appointment: 336-765-3974
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